Corrado Giuffredi Duets

Treetone realizes its second production in the beautiful setting of a historic Villa near Rome, summer residence in the seventeenth century of the Cardinal Taverna and the Borghese family. This video is dedicated to the famous clarinetist Corrado Giuffredi who, in five duets with as many fantastic musicians, masterfully performs music by Piazzolla, Gershwin, Kovács, Poulenc and many others. Again, art and music come together in a unique embrace, music that can also be enjoyed and listened with the eyes. Music from Piazzolla, Gershwin, Kovacs, Poulenc and others. Directed by Pietro Tagliaferri.


Playing Portraits

The wonderful Belle Époque Hall at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome, hosts the Trio of Alessandro Carbonare, a worldwide known soloist and Principal clarinet of the Orchestra Nazionale di S. Cecila, playing with the violinist Elisa Eleonora Papandrea and the pianist Monaldo Braconi. The Trio performs music by Gershwin, Poulenc, Stravinsky and others, blending art and music in a kaleidoscope of roles which often switch around. Directed by Pietro Tagliaferri.


Art Bridge

A journey through the spaces where foreign communities find the founding elements of their culture through music, dance, acting and singing. Places that become bridges for mutual understanding through the universal language of art.


Rapsodia in blue

Are we alone or does the possibility exist of a good relationship which makes us grow and feel fine? In the beginning, this is the question of a female child who looks at the world, astonished by the randomness of life. That’s the Rhapsody in Blue poetic theme. Luca and Laura, disengaged for one year, have a dinner to investigate their own feelings. They both believe to know each other perfectly, but something unexpected will happen, causing a domino effect. Our protagonists are going to struggle in adapting and understanding the movement’s origin to each other. Till the next morning. Directed by Maria Carolina Salomè



The Nightmare in Wonderland

Dream and reality overlap in this surreal trailer directed by Ixie Darkonn. This is a video-presentation of a series of traveling exhibitions in which artists from all over the world evoke the poetics of Tim Burton


Cat Rat

“Urban adventure” in collaboration with “Teatro di Roma” and “Ratto d’Europa” Company. An event set in the city of Rome, with spectacular adventures in which selected citizens face situations and thrilling scenes in a day, documented in a candid camera style by hidden reporters.



Cocktail Bar

Jazz stories of Rome, of Notes, of Love affairs

In 1971 Prince Pignatelli, sick of jazz and eccentric, with his wife Picchi opened in Rome one of the most important European venues, an international meeting place for musicians who wrote the history of jazz: the Music Inn. In this damp cellar came the greatest musicians, as in no other jazz club in Italy: from Chet Baker to Bill Evans, from Charlie Mingus to Dexter Gordon. Its story is now told in Cocktail Bar, a documentary by Stefano Landini and Toni Lama. Original soundtrack: Massimo Fedeli.